Envirothon Resources

Resources utilized are based on curriculum guidelines to accomodate as much educational diversity as possible and are adapted  for use in the state of Tennessee for both regional competitions and the state competition.  Below are resources for the four subjects (forestry, aquatic ecology, soils, and wildlife), and this year's current environmental issue: Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views.




Aquatic Ecology






Current Environmental Issue - Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views

  • Western Rangeland Management Study Guide - The study guide is now available which includes:

     *  National Science Curriculum links,
     *  Learning Objectives,
     *  Key Topics,
     *  Resources.

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  •  Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission Educational Materials - This webpage provides great information for teachers and students to use for their training and preparation.  Please keep visiting this page as it will be updated frequently over the next few months.

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Help for the Comprehensive Question Presentation - The material below is helpful to help prepare for the Comprehensive Question Presentation at the State Competition


Competitions are held in accordance with the Tennessee Envirothon Competition Rules